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WorkshopFor over 16 years, Dynamic Chiropractic has been working in unison with proactive businesses with our unique onsite, corporate health workshops. Our focus on drug free living, self management and a healthier lifestyle, means everything learnt can be applied with a minimum of cost or time.

We cover healthy living, your spine through the ages, how damage through youth and development has serious affects on our current performance, how the spine and nervous system works and what can be done to not only improve our spine’s function, but excel in every facet of our lives.

Our presenters can also offer confidential one-on-one assessments to your staff. During this time, the barriers are lowered. An honest, open discussion about health is the only wy to truly serve your team. If you are in charge of staff health and wellbeing, them please get in touch . 

Someone in your office is sufferring needlessly, and, like many people before them, this may be the solution.

This service is often, completely free, however we do have several options and fee structures so please call to discuss. 09 5235663

We have worked with clients including ANZ National Bank, Fidelity Life Assurance, James Hardies, Placemakers, Kitchen Mania, Hydraulink, Capri Trust, MorrisonKent Lawyers, Omni Insurance, Telecom NZ, Competenz, Auckland Back-Pain Expo, Staples Rodway Accountants, Professional Business Services, Vodafone, Buddle Findlay, L'Oreal and Wyndham International amongst others.