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new clients

Our goal is to educate and adjust as many families and individuals as possible towards optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

Over the next few days we will provide you with information and care you need to achieve the best possible results, and get you on track to achieving optimal spinal health. 

Visit 1 - Comprehensive examination

  • Are you in the right place to get the care you need? (If you’re not, we’ll tell you.)
  • We will evaluate your spine and nervous system.
  • Our goal is to provide quality care, accurate assessment, and safety. We do not rely on guesswork. If necessary, we may need X-rays to ensure we are absolutely certain of your spine’s condition. Don’t worry, we have this on site.

Visit 2 – Examination results & first adjustment

  • On this visit we will go through your exam results and X-Ray analysis. We’ll let you know the status of your spine, nervous system, and overall health.
  • This is when you will receive your first spinal adjustment.

Visit 3 – The next day– Reviewing your response to the spinal adjustment & schedule a plan for correction

  • After we have seen how you have responded to your first adjustment we will create a plan to correct your problem and restore you to optimal health.
  • For best results your partner is required to attend this visit as they will be assisting your correction.
  • We will explain the fee structure of our office.
  • Please bring your diary!

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  • Newborn - 3 YRS
  • 3 - 12yrs
  • Over 12 yrs