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Diversified Technique

Diversified technique relies heavily on analysis of movement, form and function of the spine and nervous system. This technique, when performed well by the Chiropractors at Dynamic Family Chiropractic can be literally lifechanging. 

The analysis locates areas of irregular function (subluxation), and correct it using a specifc movementof the spine. Often you may experience a small "click" whilst the adjustment is performed. This is healthy and when done properly can give immense relief from pain and suffering. 

The correction; referred to as an adjustment is far more involved than simply "clicking your back!" Where chiropractic is so effective is in the complete emphasis on correcting the underlying problem versus ignoring the symptom. 

If a misalignment of a vertebrae affects the correct function of the nervous system, it makes perfect sense that the organs receiving messages from these nerves will not function as they are needed. Relieveing pressure and restoring function is essential to allow full and correct communication between the body, nervous tissue and the brain at all times.

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